Helping Homeless Veterans

Helping Homeless Veteranshow to help vets


Who is Family Forum For Homeless Veterans Foundation?

Located in Charlotte, NC we are the oldest grant per diem program (GPD) in the city. We are a non-profit agency on the cutting edge of providing cost effective services for our heroes in transition. We provide a drug and alcohol free environment, case management services, budgeting, supportive assistance with employment & permanent housing, transportation to VA medical appointments, recovery groups, computer room, full service cafeteria services, a convenience store, and most importantly, we provide a safe haven for all our veterans.  


How can you help?


While some of our heroes receive funding from the government, we are in need of additional funding to expand our services locally thereby reducing the instance of turning away a worthy hero who needs supportive housing. We are proud of our Facility. We encourage everyone to come by for a tour to learn more about our organization and see how you can become involved in supporting this worthy cause. 


We believe we have something special here and you

Homeless Vets Foundation

need to see it for yourself.


  •  Individuals donating $5 or $10 a month can make a big difference in the lives of our heroes.
  • Churches – Can we come speak to you for us to share what we are doing and how it supports our community.
  • Philanthropic Foundations – Let us speak to you and then let us set up a tour so see how you can leverage your charitable dollars to maximize your benefit while exceeding the goals of your charter.




The address is 3501 Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28205. 


Call 704-817-8832 to learn more or email 


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