Family Forum for Homeless Vets

Family Forum for Homeless Veterans has teamed up with Independence Place of Charlotte to provide clean housing for Vets in the North Carolina and South Carolina area providing housing, laundry facilities, cafeteria services, WIFI/cable, transportation to area services and transportation to medical appointments. The facility has an undeniable positive and upbeat vibe, Most of the veteran guests are either working, disabled or in transition working towards “realistic” employment.

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  • Both Family Forum Homeless Vets and Independence Place of Charlotte are now drug free and alcohol free organizations.
  • All the rooms are either upgraded or in the process of being upgraded including flat screen TVs, WIFI, even some granite counter-tops. (NOTE: many of the upgraded materials were donated from other concerned supporters).

The address is 3501 Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28205.  Call 704-817-8832 to learn more.

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